In September 2002, a rebellion raged in Abidjan and numerous deadly clashes take place all over the city. Marcelin Yacé, my adoptive father, is one of the victims. When he leaves his studio, he is riddled with bullets...

For 19 years, there have never been any investigations into these killings.

I am a musician, a free woman and with this song I want to denounce the silence of the various political powers over this period.

It's something inside of me that never came out... Today I want to express myself and say things with my words. For that, I use my weapon; the music. This beautiful melody on guitar and brass by the great Franco Luambo Makiadi gave me inspiration to write this text.

LADY (2021)

How perilous it is to revamp an immortalized universal classic, especially by an indisputable African icon! Manou Gallo brilliantly rises to the challenge by judiciously tweaking one of the anthems of Nigerian singer and saxophonist Fela Anikulapo Kuti. "Lady", recorded 50 years ago for the album "Shakara", is a thrilling piece whose civic dimensions resurge with instant force in this new interpretation.

AFRO GROOVE QUEEN (Contre Jour, 2018)

The brand new studio album by MANOU GALLO produced by Bootsy Collins with top-class guests such as MANU DIBANGO, BOOTSY COLLINS, CHUCK D., MARIE DAULNE & SABINE KABONGO (ZAP MAMA).

LOWLIN (Igloo Mondo, 2010)

After 4 years on African, American and European roads and after more than 250 concerts, Manou Gallo came back to us with a third musical opus, more acoustic and intimist, called very natually « LOWLIN » meaning « Travel » in Dida language.

A trip that takes you in her colourfull world, made of soul, funk, reggae and authentic music from West Africa.

Gifted percussionist, in few years, Manou became one of the rare woman singer-bass player on the international stage, under the mark of groove and authencity. Her high rhythmical flexibility and her very unique bass play make her a very atypical artist.

Artists :

Manou Gallo : Bass, Vocals

Anja Naucler : Chello

Virna Nova : Guitar

Fabrice Thompson : Percussions

Lieven Venken : Drums

Guests :

Marie Daulne : Vocals

Manuel Hermia : Flute, Saxophone

Bai Kamara : Vocals

Lene Noorgaad Christensen : Vocals

Artistic production and arrangements : Gallo N’Guessan & Yannick Werther

MANOU GALLO (Igloo Mondo, 2006)

Manou composed her second album in collaboration with Patrick Dorcean. Overcoming her shyness, transgressing her cultural barriers, her education, her roots, MANOU has been exploring inside herself the necessary resources to create this very personal opus.

DIDA (Igloo Mondo, 2005)

After being a singer, bass player (Zap Mama / Tambours de Brazza), percussion player and dancer, Manou Gallo has now her own group: ‘Le Djiboi’.

With this group, she performs African music in a very inventive and modern way. For the music, she has been inspired by the Djiboi (people of the Ivory Coast - Manou’s homeland), but also by her current western musical culture. The combination of soul, funk and blues is within the concept of ‘groove’, a common denominator’. Hot world music full of emotion and sensitivities expressed in various languages (Dida, French and English)… that’s Manou Gallo & Le Djiboi.