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Even today, from Brussels, where she has lived for twenty-four years, the one who was first the bassist of the female vocal group Zap Mama, after her arrival from Côte d'Ivoire, overflows with emotion when she evokes "Papa Manu “: “He was my father, my friend, my adviser, the sage. He understood that I wanted to be a musician. He told me: “Work on your instrument and you will be master of your music.” »

“I am a free woman”, launches Manou Gallo, powerful bass player and Ivorian singer wearing a magnificent Afro cut ... It is difficult not to succumb to an impregnated Afrobeat "gumbo" made in Ivory Coast.

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Eight years after Lowlin, Manou Gallo returns with Afro Groove Queen. This album, his fourth, was produced with the complicity of the legendary American Bootsy Collins. Together, they have crafted 13 tracks inspired by the rhythms of the ethnic groups of Côte d'Ivoire and the funk of Western megacities, of which the bassist and producer is one of the creators.

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Interview with singer and bassist Manou Gallo

by Joëlle Sambi Nzeba published on April 27, 2018

For Manou Gallo, playing an instrument is much more than a hobby, a job or a passion. Music is for this renowned artist, a vital means of expression, but above all, one of a way of expressing her position and her commitment to the struggle that is feminism.

Meeting with a musician like no other...

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